Survey123 for ArcGIS at the Esri UC 2019

06-24-2019 02:28 PM
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Here we are once again, so close to the Esri User Conference!  Here is a short guide to help you find Survey123 related events at the conference.

Technical Sessions:

Technical Sessions are one UC's favorites. Always well attended, Tech Sessions run for about 60 minutes and cover technical aspects of Esri products.  We always try to keep a good chunk of time at the end for a live question & answer section. Tech Sessions start on Tuesday morning and run until Friday.  They all take place in the second floor of the San Diego Convention Center (also known as SDCC).

If you want to start planning your sessions, go to our UC 2019 Online Detailed Agenda. You can search sessions by topic and presenter and if you are logged-in you can add sessions to your agenda.

Here is a list of some of the Survey123-related Technical Sessions we are offering:

  • Survey123 for ArcGIS, an introduction: This session covers the basics of the Survey123 website, including designing smart forms with the web designer, publishing and sharing surveys, generating high quality reports for submitted data and other capabilities available through the Survey123 website. The session will end with a sneak peak of smart form capabilities going beyond what is possible through web designer.  I recommend attending this session even if you are already familiar with Survey123, because there are many new things that have been added to the Survey123 website in the past few months.  Philip Wilson, James Tedrick and Zheng Liu and will be leading this session; fun and good content guaranteed!
    • Tuesday, July 9 10:00 am - 11:00 am SDCC - Ballroom 08
    • Wednesday, July 10 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm SDCC - Ballroom 06 E
  • Survey123 for ArcGIS: Working with webhooks: Learn how to use web hooks with Survey123 to automate all sort of tasks aftere a survey is submitted. Automate e-mail notifications, instantly move Survey123 data into databases and spreadsheets, integrate Survey123 with image recognition software and much more.  Ismael Chivite, Brandon Armstrong and Calvin Jung will show you the way!
    • Wednesday, July 10 10:00 am - 11:00 am SDCC - Ballroom 09
  • Survey123 for ArcGIS: Advanced Topics: This session will introduce advanced capabilities of Survey123 including the new theme-grid layouts, editing existing features and designing surveys on top of existing feature layers, workflow automation with Survey123 and web hooks and other exciting features. There will be lots of live demos and time for live questions.  Ismael Chivite, Elvin Slavik and James Tedrick will present this session.
    • Thursday, July 11 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm SDCC - Room 10
  • Survey123 for ArcGIS: Extending the mobile app: Awaken the developer in you. Join this session to learn how you can extend the Survey123 mobile app with your own Javascript functions, the new extensibility framework or even brand and create your entirely new Survey123 mobile app. Presenters: Ismael Chivite, Elvin Slavik and Erwin Soekianto.
    • Thursday, July 11 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm SDCC - Room 31 B/C
  • ArcGIS Apps for the Field: An Introduction: In this session we will describe how all ArcGIS mobile apps work together. A great place to learn how Survey123 works along with Workforce for ArcGIS, Navigator for ArcGIS, Collector and even Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS.  Scheduled presenters include Scott Ball and James Tedrick. 
    • Tuesday, July 9 4:00pm to 5:00pm SDCC - Room 2
    • Wednesday, July 10 8:30am to 9:30am SDCC - Room 2

Survey123 User Group Meeting

We are happy to announce that this year we will have our own Survey123 User Group Meeting. It runs on Tuesday at lunch time from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM, but no lunch is provided. This is for the ones with a strong Survey123 spirit!  Our User Group will be a great opportunity to meet other Survey123 Ninjas. This is fundamentally about connecting with other people and the team.  We will have a couple of 7-minute lighting talks to warm-up and then the rest of the time is for group discussion and networking.

Survey123 User Group Meeting: Tuesday 9,  11:30 AM - 12:30 PM  SDCC - Room 8

Demo Theaters

You can think of Demo Theaters as mini-Tech Sessions. They are shorter, always focused on very specific workflows and run in a small setting were questions can be handled throughout the presentation.  The Demo Theaters take place in Expo area (first floor), close to the Product Islands.

User Presentations

User Presentations are a great way to learn the details of how Survey123 is applied to specific workflows. A good opportunity to learn directly from users like you!

  • Mobile data collection with Survey123: There will be two user presentations highlighting how Survey123 is being used with Spike Laser Measurement devices and with high accuracy GNSS receivers to streamline field data collection workflows.
    • Wednesday, July 10 2:30pm - 3:30pm SDCC - Room 25C
  • Going mobile for the Homeless Point in Time count: Paper presentations from multiple users sharing how they used Survey123 for ArcGIS to support the Homeless PIT count.
    • Wednesday, July 10 1:00pm - 2:00pm  SDCC - Room 29A
  • Creating impacful applications for Education: This session presents two case studies of impactful GIS applications, including employing Dashboard for ArcGIS to improve earthquake safety and preparedness in K-12 Schools; using Survey123 for real time data collection, environmental resource protection, and sanitation management. The case studies in this session exemplify the best practices for creating impactful GIS applications
    • Tuesday, July 9 1:00 pm to 2:00pm SDCC - Room 25C
  • Crowdsourcing water quality data collection with Survey123: By the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality. With more than 45,000 miles of stream and river beds in the state, this is far too much for agency to staff visit. Utilizing the tools of Survey123, three forms were created to have citizen scientists help in collecting the data needed to protect this valuable resource.
    • Wednesday, July 10 8:30 am - 9:30 am SDCC - Room 29C
  • Innovation of ArcGIS Online Apps to Enhance British Military Working Practices: The presentation will demonstrate  innovation and implementation of the ArcGIS online applications used by HQ 1 (UK) Division Geospatial Support Cell. Applications have provided the British military with a fantastic opportunity to dramatically increase their operational effectiveness.
        Wednesday, July 10 1:00 pm - 2:00pm  SDCC - Room 26A


The Expo area is opens Tuesday and closes on Thursday afternoon. It is located in the first floor in the San Diego Convention Center (SDCC) and features different areas including Partner Exhibits, Esri Industry Neighborhoods, GIS Product Areas and Customer Care booths.

  • Product Areas (Islands) at the Expo:  You will always find someone from the team at the Survey123 booth. This is the place to go when you want to have a one on one conversation to address specific ideas or issues you may have. We often refer to the Product Areas as Islands. The Survey123 team will have a station under a big sign that says 'Apps'. It will be a big sign... you will see it.
  • Partner & Sponsor Exhibits: The Survey123 software is only a third of the story. There are two good reasons to visit the Esri Partner and Sponsor Exhibits. The first one is that many of them are now experts building smart forms with Survey123 and know the tricks of the trade when implementing solutions. Swing by their booth and ask them about their own experience.  The second one is that through the Partner Exhibits you will find many hardware vendors that can teach you the benefits of using their offerings with Survey123. Think Laser Measurement Solutions, GNSS receivers, ruggerized devices and much more. Just to name a few:
  • Customer Care and Esri Tech Support: Our Esri Customer Care and Technical Support teams will be represented in the Expo. You can also swing by their stands with your Survey123 technical questions.
  • Esri Industry Neighborhoods: Everything from Public Safety to Defense, Local Government, Utilities and more.  The Industry Neighborhoods are a good place when you want to connect with people that understands how to put Survey123 in the context of your own workflows.  Ask for a demonstration of Survey123 focused on your problem or for examples of organizations using Survey123 in your industry.

Esri Education Summit

The Esri Education Summit takes place between July 7-10 at the Marriott Marquis & Marina Hotel. You will need to register separately for this one!

Pre-Conference Seminars

By now, many Pre-Conference Seminars are sold-out, but I thought I would include info about this for those of you who are planning to come next year. You need to hurry before all seats are  taken.  Survey123 will be highlighted in the Field Operations and ArcGIS PreConference seminar:

  • Mastering Smart Form Design with Survey123 and XLSForm
    • In this one-day hands-on seminar you will learn how to use the XLSForm specification to build smart forms with Survey123 for ArcGIS. We will introduce the XLSForm specification and will dive into advanced techniques to implement custom data business validation rules, conditional statements to control the visibility of portions of your form, auto-calculation rules for attributes in your features and much more.
      • Sunday, July 07 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
  • Field Operations and ArcGIS
    • Learn how ArcGIS helps your organization optimize field operations by: taking ArcGIS maps offline into smart devices using ArcGIS Publisher Extension and Explorer for ArcGIS; coordinating your field workers with Workforce for ArcGIS and Navigator for ArcGIS; improving locational awareness by knowing the location of key staff and equipment with Tracker for ArcGIS; and optimizing data capture with Collector and Survey123 for ArcGIS; building effective operation dashboards with Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS.
      • Sunday, July 07 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

The Esri Events App:

If you are coming to San Diego, I recommend that you download the Esri Events app. It  will help you follow your own schedule, keep track of last minute changes to sessions and vote sessions too!

If you are coming this year, welcome!  If not, be ready for next. Have a look at the many reasons why you should not miss this event!