Survey123 Beta UWP and 64-bit Support

06-27-2018 10:49 PM
by Anonymous User
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In addition to the latest Survey123 RC and beta builds available via the Early Adopter Community, we have now made available our latest Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and 64-bit supported beta builds for Windows and Android.

These new builds have the same features, functionality and bug fixes as the currently supported beta builds, however expand our cross platform compatibility and bring improved performance to both Connect and the Field App. Some of the latest beta features available for testing are:

  • Enhanced GeoSearch in the geopoint map widget
  • Reverse Geocoding
  • Map Coordinate Format Transformations
  • Nested Repeats
  • Required and Read-Only expressions

The latest beta versions available for testing are Connect 3.0.124 and Field App 3.0.129 for both UWP and Windows 64-bit (as well as the other supported platforms). And for the new Android 64-bit app the latest version is 3.0.128.

You can find the new beta builds on the Downloads page via the Early Adopter Community.

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