Minor update to the Survey123 Field App Available (2.8)

05-15-2018 10:04 PM
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A minor update to the Survey123 field app has been made available in the Apple, Google Play and Amazon app stores.  If you happen to use the Survey123 field app on your laptop or desktop computer, the setups are also available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

The build number for the Survey123 field app and Connect is now 2.8

This release includes a handful of critical fixes:

  • Regression on Public Surveys: Our 2.7 release introduced an issue that prevented the use of Public Surveys if no user was logged into the Survey123 field app. This is now addressed, allowing the use of Public Surveys in the field app even if there  is no user logged-in. Thanks to all of you who promptly reported this problem and helped diagnose it through this GeoNet Group.
  • Check for offline conditions on Windows: This update includes a fix that enhances Survey123's ability to detect if your device is connected or not, when working on Windows. We have observed some reports of Survey123 on Windows not detecting offline/online conditions when working on very specific network configurations. The offline/online check is much better now.
  • BUG-000107663 Features do not display in webmap after submission by the field app: Some of you have reported that ArcGIS Online Web Maps with a refresh interval set, were not automatically showing new features added from the Survey123 field app.  The problem was caused by a combination of issues in both ArcGIS Online feature services and the Survey123 field app. All problems are solved now!

We plan on updating the Survey123 website in the next couple of weeks, bringing a handful of enhancements and fixes. Stay tuned.

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