Learn paths for Survey123

09-17-2018 05:28 PM
Esri Regular Contributor
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Do you or your colleagues know a little about Survey123, need to learn more, but dont know where to start? If so, we have created three learning paths to help you take you to that next level.

We know there is already a LOT of information available to help you, and that the sheer amount can be overwhelming. To help focus your attention, learn paths are collated around a theme or a learning objective. They are made up of different types of content - some of the content has already been around for a while, some are new - and include videos, tutorials, blogs and formal documentation.

For true beginners start with Try Survey123. In this path you'll use a survey first hand, build one yourself and take a look at the data that can be collected with a survey.

Take your surveys further does just that. Learn how to make your surveys open to the public, use offline maps, connect to existing feature services to collect data and customize how your data is delivered to stakeholders.

Creating your first few surveys can be straight forward: add questions, style and publish. But there's almost no limit to how smart you can make your form. Explore XLSForms for Survey123 will show you how to dynamically populate answers based on previous questions and data from external files, and how to translate your survey for multilingual use.

These paths are hosted at Learn ArcGIS. Let us know what other Survey123 paths you would like to see created.