HTML Links for Survey123 to just about anything (work in progress)

06-08-2018 05:44 AM
Esri Contributor
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Do you want to create a break-out link from your survey to Twitter, WhatsApp, eMail etc?

Here are a few examples of how the HTML tags should look like to achieve this (just substitute your fields into the examples and paste it into a survey note field):

 Open the device's default mapping application (such as Google Maps) with the coordinates of the survey:

concat('<a href="geo:', ${Lat}, ',' , ${Long}, concat('">Display on the Map</a>'))

 Open Google Maps with driving directions to coordinates:

concat('<a href="', ${Lat}, ',' , ${Long}, concat('&amp;ll=">Directions</a>'))

 Open the device's default email application with a to email address:

concat('<a href="mailto:', ${Email},concat('">', ${Email}))

 Create a Tweet from your survey:

concat('<a href=" tweet sent from Survey123! #ArcGIS','">Create a Tweet</a>')

 Create a WhatsApp message from your survey:

concat('<a href="whatsapp://send?text=This is a WhatsApp message from Survey123!">Create a Whatsapp message</a>')

 Open Collector with a specific web map:

${Collector_Intent} = concat('arcgis-collector://?itemID=68085fc05c401ca5716e5677a6128c')
concat('<a href="',${Collector_Intent},'">Open Collector</a>')

(first create a calculated field named Collector_Intent and then use that field in the second calculated field)

 Open a specific survey (with parameters) from Survey123:

${S123_Intent} = concat('arcgis-survey123://?itemID=887d507cee48d18ad3cdfaf9f081e6&field:Service_Rating=1')
concat('<a href="',${S123_Intent},'">Open specific survey</a>')

(first create a calculated field named S123_Intent and then use that field in the second calculated field)

 Open an SMS (with the coordinates in the body) from Survey123 (this works in Android - not tested on iOS):

concat('<a href="sms:','08212345678','?body=', ${Lat}, ',' , ${Long}, concat('">SMS</a>'))

(to get the coordinates - just use the pulldata() function)

 Open a local file (such as a PDF help file or an image located in your survey's media folder) from Survey123 - this works and has been tested on Android:

concat('<a href="file:///storage/emulated/0/ArcGIS/My Surveys/549c05bae0f14e388000486ce4de950c/esriinfo/media/Example.pdf" class="link external button button-raised button-fill color-blue">Demo</a>')

(549c05bae0f14e388000486ce4de950c will be different for each survey. It refers to the survey item id)

I will add more examples as the need arises