Hobbit Day Release (3.6)

09-26-2019 04:21 PM
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According to The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogies written by J.R.R. Tolkien, Bilbo and Frodo were born during the Third Age in the years 2890 and 2968 (of the Shire calendar) respectively. Translated to our Gregorian calendar, Bilbo was born in 1290 and Frodo in 1368. Bilbo and Frodo share the same birthday on September 22 and that makes this day a very special one: Hobbit Day.

Go back?” he thought. “No good at all! Go sideways? Impossible! Go forward? Only thing to do! On we go!”
Bilbo Baggins, The Hobbit, Riddles in the Dark.

Survey123 version 3.6 is now available to all, even the Elves!

Critical fixes

This update includes over 30 critical bug fixes in the Survey123 web app and field apps. An area or particular focus has been ensuring a more correct and consistent behavior of your XLSForm expressions. For example, dealinig with relevant statements and submitted data. The general rule is that data should not be submitted from non-relevant questions. That is, the output of your calculations or default values set, will never be sent to ArcGIS for questions where the relevant expression evaluates to false. In addition, with this update relevant statements apply to hidden and calculate questions. Thus, the use of relevant expressions is reinforced not just as the means to hide questions, but also to better control what data is submitted to the target feature layer.

You will also find a list of device-specific fixes in this release. Barcode scanning capabilities have been greatly improved on Android devices, as well as other improvements to keyboard and input behavior. Others fixes relate to the new iOS 13 update, which introduced some changes affecting the Survey123 field app.

A list of critical BUGs (and relevant enhancements) addressed in this release can be found at the end of this doc.

Lines and polygons

You can now work with line and polygon GIS features within the Survey123 apps. This is possible through the new geotrace and geoshape XLSForm question types, which you can incorporate into your surveys through Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS.  

Geotrace and geoshape questions are similar to geopoint questions in that they are shown in your form as a map. The only difference is that with geotrace and geoshape you can create and update lines and polygons respectively.

Support for geotrace and geoshape is available in both the Survey123 field and web apps. That is, you can work with lines and polygons from a web browser and also from the native app. The website has also been updated so you can view, filter, analyze and even create feature reports with line and polygon data.

There is quite a lot to know when working with lines and polygons in Survey123. You can find more details in our https://community.esri.com/groups/survey123/blog/2019/09/26/survey123-tricks-of-the-trade-lines-and-... post.

Single choice grid in the field app

We introduced single choice grid in the Survey123 web designer and the web app at version 2.8. We are now expanding support to Survey123 Connect and the field app. Single choice grid allows you to compact series of choice list questions, reducing the need for end-users to scroll up and down the form. They can also help you make your forms more easily readable. The key to using single choice grid is a sequence of more than 2 or 3 questions sharing the same list choices. In XLSForm jargon: A sequence of select_one questions sharing the choice list. This new appearance is ideal when you plan on using forms with a tablet, although keeping labels short and choices limited can give you good results even in smart-phones.

In the next animation you can see a single choice grid compacting a set of 5 building condition questions. Note how the choices are labeled just once for the entire set. 

In XLSForm, you can add a single choice grid by simply enclosing your select questions within a group and setting the appearance of the group to table-list.

begin groupassessment_groupReport building conditiontable-list
select_one evaluationassess_collapseCollapse
select_one evaluationassess_leaningBuilding leaning
select_one evaluationassess_structuralStructural damage
select_one evaluationassess_fall_hazFalling hazards
select_one evaluationassess_group_movGround slope movement
end group

Please note that groups using the table-list appearance will take the whole width of the form when your form uses the theme-grid style.

Feature report enhancements

Survey123 feature reports allow you to create high quality printable documents from your Survey123 data. The layout, content and look and feel of your reports are defined in a Microsoft Word document template. For a basic introduction to Survey123's feature reports, refer to the https://community.esri.com/groups/survey123/blog/2019/07/23/understanding-survey123-feature-reports blog post.

This update includes a few refinements to the feature report syntax. You can now:

  • Control how many decimals should be shown in a number.  ${myNumber | round:2}
  • Extract the elevation of a geopoint question. ${myGeopoint | getValue:"z"}
  • Get the x/y coordinates of a geopoint in a particular spatial reference: ${myGeopoint | getValue:"x":26865}.

The template syntax validator has also been improved to handle some logical errors that were not handled before.  In the past, these invalid expressions would pass the syntax validation and then be ignored at run-time.  Starting with this release, you will get a validation error when you attempt to upload the template. For example, the following expression is incorrect:

${if image_field_1 | getValue:"size">0}

A parenthesis should be added as follows:

${if (image_field_1 | getValue:"size")>0}

Or alternatively, you could use:

${if image_field_1}

Another common syntax error is as follows:

{if choiceQuestion1="choice1"}

The equal sign above is used as an assignment. A double = sign should be added  for a comparison:

{if choiceQuestion1=="choice1"}

A side effect of this more strict template syntax validation is that existing templates you may have uploaded will start triggering 'parsing errors'.

The complete feature report syntax is described at: Feature report templates—Survey123 for ArcGIS | ArcGIS 

If you happen to be using Survey123 web hooks and Integromat with ArcGIS Enterprise, you will notice that you can now configure the Survey123 Integromat module to create Feature Reports with your own ArcGIS Enterprise instance.

Finally, be aware that coinciding with the upcoming ArcGIS Online update in October 2019, each feature report generated will consume 2.5 ArcGIS Online credits. Refer to https://community.esri.com/groups/survey123/blog/2019/07/23/understanding-survey123-feature-reports for more information.

Note to ArcGIS Online users: Coinciding with the upcoming ArcGIS Online update in October, Survey123 Feature Reports will consume ArcGIS Online credits.

Web form view-only mode

In most cases, you want to use a Survey123 form to help people capture data. Using web form URL parameters, your survey can be launched with some predetermined responses. You can also use URL parameters to load data from existing records into a survey and let people update that information. With this update, you can also open a survey in read-only mode. This can be done in two steps:

  • Go into the Collaborate tab in the Survey123 website and share your survey results (Viewer tab) as appropriate.

  • Build a URL setting the mode parameter to view, and pass the objectid of the record you want to display.


If you get an error like shown below, make sure  you share your survey results through Collaborate as described in step 1 above.

As the mode=view parameter is only introduced with 3.6, you will need to republish old surveys to take advantage of this feature with them. Alternatively, you could also add the version=latest parameter to dynamically upgrade your survey when it loads in the user's web browser. However, it is generally best to republish the survey with the latest version.

Extended XLSForm support in the Survey123 field app

With this update, we are introducing a handful of very specific enhancements to our XLSForm support in the Survey123 field app. These new features are currently not supported in the Survey123 web app. Demand for these types of capabilities is much more general among Survey123 field app workflows, so we are introducing them in that context exclusively for now.

Range question

The range question is designed to restrict integer or decimal user input to a well defined range. If you setup your survey on top of an existing feature layer, range questions are a perfect fit for fields with a range geodatabase domain. Range questions display in your form as a horizontal slider, ideal for touch screens, although when the control has the focus you can also change its values using the left and right arrow keys.

In the screenshot on the right, you can see a range question being used to help users document pH values on a water sample. Values can be easily set between the pH range of 0 (acidic) and 14 (alkaline).

Through the XLSForm spec, you can dictate different aspects of the slider such as the minimum and maximum accepted values and the colors of the control. Like other XLSForm questions, you can apply calculations, data validation constraints, default values, etc.

Check out the Range help topic for more details.

Custom height for signature, text (multiline), and geo questions

You can now set a custom height for multiline text, signature and geo (geopoint, geotrace, geoshape) questions. This is particularly helpful when you arrange multiple questions in a single row using the theme-grid style, allowing you to adjust the height of different controls to keep your design more symmetric. In the case of text input, expanding the default height also helps signifying to the end-user that large amounts of text can be inputted.

The height is set using the body::esri:style column, which has been added to the far right of the XLSForm survey sheet. You can also manually add this column to old XLSForms you may have.


The height value unit is expressed as lines by default, where a line is the height of the current input text font. Alternative units include % (height=25%), where the height is calculated as a percentage of the current window height, and pixels (height=300pixels). Remember not to add spaces between the unit and the value!

Pictorial lists

There are a few common ways to represent a list of choices: a drop-down list, horizontally, vertically... etc. Carefully choosing the best style for a list, is important. A horizontal arrangement is a good choice for short lists, reducing the need for users to scroll the form up and down. Vertical lists present options in a very clean way, but if you have many choices, a drop-down list will save users time, particularly if you enable auto-complete.

There are some cases, where a pictorial representation of a list is by far the best option. Brett Stokes‌ put together a nice collection of examples, which you can see in the animation below. In all these examples, making selections over the images comes more naturally than making the selection over a traditional list of choices. It is more intuitive, can be less prone to errors and quicker for the user to make their selection.

To learn about including selectable images in your smart form, refer to the https://community.esri.com/groups/survey123/blog/2019/09/26/using-the-image-map-appearance-in-survey...  post by Brett. Well worth a read!

Critical fixes and minor enhancements

Survey123 Field app (XLSForm support)

  • BUG-000097105 Default values are present in fields that are not relevant.
  • BUG-000124014 Non-relevant repeats are being submitted with values, if the default values or calculations are applied within the repeat.
  • BUG-000123547 Unable to calculate geopoint locations when repeating a survey in the same survey form.
  • ENH-000123296 Hidden and Calculate fields should support relevant expressions.
  • ENH-000105822 Provide ability to create surveys using geometry types other than points in Survey123 (lines, polygons).
  • BUG-000124284 Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS 3.5.x and Survey123 Field App 3.5.x do not hide questions accurately if a relevant column value is calculated on a complex pulldata expression.
  • BUG-000124360 When manually entering Lat/Long for a geopoint location on a 'repeat' question, the 'device location' preview window does not show the device's location until the second repeat and onwards.
  • BUG-000124121 If the spatial filter is enabled for a survey with a 'Query expression' in the 'Inbox Filter', records are omitted even if the records are within the map extent before clicking Refresh.

Survey123 Field app (device specific issues)

  • BUG-000125295 The Survey123 Field App freezes/crashes when attempting to attach an image from the local device on iOS 13.1 Beta.
  • BUG-000121080 Barcodes cannot be scanned in the Survey123 application on Samsung Galaxy Tab E.
  • BUG-000123872 Survey123 Field app crashes upon launch on Android 5.1.1.
  • BUG-000123228 The keyboard of Android devices with 5.2 inches or lesser screen size disrupts the Survey123 for ArcGIS app sign in page.
  • BUG-000123572 Unable to connect error in Survey123 Field App 3.5.164 on iOS 12.3.1 device when Allow Location Access setting is set to "Never" or "While Using the App".
  • BUG-000115243 The final page in Survey123 for ArcGIS App 3.0 installation wizard on Windows 10 German OS contains an action text that does not match the text indicated on the button below the text.

Survey123 Field app (Usability)

  • BUG-000105325 Survey123 for ArcGIS maps do not automatically open to the Home extent as default behavior.
  • BUG-000120565 In Survey123 for ArcGIS, Inbox icons in the Map View randomly turn orange or disappear after a point has been edited and sent, or when the Inbox is refreshed within the Map View.
  • ENH-000107453 When using the Tab key to move through text questions in Survey123 field app on the Desktop, the survey does not scroll automatically.
  • BUG-000124636 Editing the Signature field submitted using the Survey123 for ArcGIS field app creates a permanent black bar over the response.

Survey123 Web app

  • ENH-000113292 Allow the pulldata(@property, utcoffset) function to be used in Survey123 web forms.
  • BUG-000124448 Survey123 webapp version 3.5 fails to return addresses from geopoint using the pulldata() function when geopoint and address questions are in repeat.
  • BUG-000122210 Reverse geocode fails to return results in the Survey123 web app when using a custom geocoder.
  • BUG-000123616 In Japanese language, the data does not show correctly for multiple choice questions in the Survey123 for ArcGIS web app.
  • BUG-000122892 When submitting the form several times in Survey123 for ArcGIS, the sentence mentioned for submitting another survey is misleading in French.
  • BUG-000123376 The setting 'Show message to prompt the user to submit another record' is not honored when the survey is created from Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS.
  • BUG-000118801 An existing secured ArcGIS Server feature service added to ArcGIS Online with credentials saved is not be able to attach images when using the web browser to submit the survey (the data is submitted, but not the attachments).
  • ENH-000118845 Survey123 GeoPoint questions should have the option "Explore" on the Web Map, which activates zoom/pan on the Map.
  • Multiple usability enhancements added to the map control, including an option to enlarge the map when working in a desktop computer and making map navigation easier.

Feature reports

  • BUG-000111657 Photos submitted in landscape orientation in the Survey123 field app, result in poor quality when individual responses are printed or saved to PDF from the Survey123 website.
  • BUG-000125306 Conditional statements for images with the relevancy setup are not honored in a feature report in Survey123 for ArcGIS.

Survey123 Designer and website

  • BUG-000123663 The Data tab fails to zoom to the point extent initially for Survey123 for ArcGIS website.
  • BUG-000124275 Ordnance survey basemaps that are specific to the UK act fuzzy within the Survey123 website.
  • You can now manually set choice names for multiple choice questions in the the Survey123 designer.
  • BUG-000125107 The Analyze tab at survey123.arcgis.com does not show the correct Bar Chart reports and percentages for surveys with multiple choice-questions configured with the Batch Editor option when the language for ArcGIS Online Organization is set to 'Japanese - 日本語'.


  • BUG-000124114 In an organization that does not allow HTTPS only, if a Survey123 for ArcGIS form is accessed via the item details page, the error message, "Request needs to be made over HTTPS" is returned.
  • BUG-000122890 Survey123 for ArcGIS sends a query that is logically correct but appears as a potential SQL injection attack to firewalls.


  • ENH-000124633 Update Survey123 documentation to inform that 'Hints' are not supported within 'Repeats'.
  • BUG-000124657 Update Survey123 with ArcGIS Enterprise documentation to provide more details on the limitations of creating feature reports with feature services hosted in Portal.
Occasional Contributor III

Some very interesting features added.

The Web form view-only mode example URL doesn't work though.


Esri Frequent Contributor

Thanks Craig. URL fixed in the blog. For your view-only.

New Contributor


It seems that after this update my conditional statements within my reports page are no longer working. They all start with ${conditional statement} and end with ${/} and none of them appear within the report page at all anymore. Can you please provide some assistance. 


Esri Frequent Contributor

Hi Justin. Please send your Word template to survey123@esri.com so we can have a look. This may be related to this issue.

New Contributor III

Ismael Chivite‌: Great work on this release! The polygon/line support will go a long way to solve some non-starter workflow issues that some folks have had.

Unfortunately, I'm writing to report what looks like a regression in 3.6 possibly caused by the fix for  BUG-000124014. The issue is that repeats with required fields appear as minimal, no longer showing when the relevancy is met. This is critical to one of my client MDOT SHA's most used forms. The use case is, "when rating condition is dire (3,4,or 5), require at least one photo in a repeat." In the past, selecting a dire rating would immediately show the first repeat with all the required fields within it shown. Now, only the minimal-appearance-looking plus-sign shows up. No appearance is set for the repeat. Here's two GIFs showing the before and after conditions.


The required photo appears when the relevancy is met



The required fields don't show up and I can submit without validation errors


Esri Frequent Contributor

Elliott Plack‌  Thanks for your comment. I had a preliminary look at this and I confirm that the behavior in 3.6 is different than in previous versions, in that a repeat in 3.6 will show no records if its previous state was non-relevant.  In previous versions, the repeat would show one record (unless the appearance is set to minimal).

You were taking advantage of the pre-3.6 behavior of having one record show in the repeat automatically added when the repeat was relevant. You made questions in the repeat required,forcing users to complete the information in the record that was automatically added. The approach works except if a user deletes the record that was automatically added. Without a record in the repeat, the required flag on the question was useless for your purpose.

I am not negating here that the behavior has changed. This was done to address a number of other issues and we need to discuss internally if more adjustments are needed. We appreciate your note.

Back to your form, I believe that if you need users to submit a photo  within the repeat when the condition is dire, a better approach would be to complement your required repeat questions with a constraint to check that you have at least one repeat record. As shown below:

select_one ratingratingRatingif(${rating}>2,count(${photos})>0,true)
begin repeatphotosPhotos
end repeat

You could also add a note question with the following relevant expression to warn users about the need to add a photo:


Having the repeat show an empty record like prior to 3.6 was handy, no question, but again we need to discuss internally how  much trouble that would create somewhere else.

Thanks again for your note. 

New Contributor III

Single choice grid is blowing my mind! I am going to use that immediately. Thanks for the update. Excited about all the bug fixes. Also, I didn't realize I could like your implementation of relevant statements more than I already do, but I think that's what just happened.

Great work, team! Happy Hobbit Day! May Samwise be with you.

Occasional Contributor

I can't seem to get the single choice grid to work on a survey with multiple pages (groups with appearance type 'field-list').  I added a group within page 3 of my survey and configured the subsequent questions to be a single choice grid, and the questions don't appear at all in the survey.  When I remove the 'field-list' appearance from my survey making it all one page, the single choice grid works great.  Can you have a 'table-list' group within a 'field-list' group?

Thank you!  Dan

New Contributor III

Really great updates! I'm eager to implement some of this new functionality like the single choice grids and pictorial list options!

Frequent Contributor II

Do you have the style set to theme-grid pages?  (and not just theme-grid)

Also be aware that when you go to grid the entire form goes grid.  So you have to set sizes everywhere.  The easiest way is just set to w1 then all questions get their own line.

Occasional Contributor

Hi Doug,

  I don't have grid set at all.  I didn't think these question types require a grid theme?  The single choice grid works properly when I remove my 5 page breaks (field-list appearance) and just have a survey with 1 page.  

Thank you,


New Contributor

Great features added. I particularly like the "Web form view-only mode".

I tried to open my survey in read only mode using a URL similar to the below:


While it works for a survey published on my ArcGIS Online account, it doesn't work on a survey published on our PAG.

Is this feature available on PAG?

Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Dan,

Unfortunately, there is a limitation in working with the single choice grid and pages - both use the 'field-list' appearance  (for the single choice grid, it's behind the scenes).

Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Mounia,

I'm not familiar with what PAG is; that being said, if you are looking at a form that has already been published, you will need to update it to use the current version of the web app.  You can do this by either:

A) Republishing the Survey with the 3.6 version of Survey123 Connect or the website


B) In the Survey123, click on the form and then go to Settings. In the 'Version' section, select 'Always use the latest version'

New Contributor III

"BUG-000118801 An existing secured ArcGIS Server feature service added to ArcGIS Online with credentials saved is not be able to attach images when using the web browser to submit the survey (the data is submitted, but not the attachments)."

I was pleasantly surprised to see this issue fixed with the new update. However, I updated Survey123 and the issue still occurs. When I submit the survey using the web browser, the attachment does not go through. I am getting the "Failed to submit - Object is missing" error. The rest of the survey data submits with no issues.

Any feedback would be appreciated. 

Thank you

Esri Frequent Contributor

Thanks HEC Admin

We will want to make sure your web form is using the latest version (3.6). Did you publish the survey again? If you did, please open an official Esri Technical Support incident so an analyst can gather further information. This particular bug is a cross-over between ArcGIS Online and Survey123 so we will need to look at the details of your particular case to diagnose properly.

New Contributor

Thank you James for your reply. By PAG I meant Portal for ArcGIS, our ArcGIS enterprise portal.

New Contributor III

Looking forward to diving into some of these new features. I just downloaded and installed the new version (3.6.137) and wanted to play with some of the new options (grid theme, table-list etc) on an existing survey because we'll likely want to incorporate a few of them on it. I created a new survey from the existing one, but when I open the XLSForm, none of the new options are there. I had thought that since I am using the new version of the software, the XLSForm would automatically open with the updated setup but that doesn't seem to be the case. Is there any way I can fix this without recreating the whole thing?


Frequent Contributor II
New Contributor

I really liked all these new survey123 options, especially the option of Single choice grid. 

Esri Frequent Contributor

Hi Tara Boswell‌   If you create a New Survey using the Advanced template, you will see the geotrace and geoshape questions listed in the type column dropdown. The field-list appearance is also present in the appearance column. In the case of theme-grid, you need to manually type it in the style column of the settings spreadsheet.

The new question types and appearances will NOT automatically show in old surveys.  It would be too error prone for us to attempt to update your own spreadsheets.  The link Doug Browning‌ shares above will help you bring contents from your old survey into the new template. Alternatively, you can also add the new question types and appearances into your old form as described in https://community.esri.com/groups/survey123/blog/2019/09/15/survey123-tricks-of-the-trade-microsoft-...  

If you want to see some of these new features in action I recommend you try the Survey123 Connect Samples: "Geotrace and Geoshape" and "Grid Style Groups".

Occasional Contributor III

How cool would it be to custom develop 3.6 in AppStudio?

New Contributor III

The Range Question Mentioned above is not working as in picture . Could you please tell more details of configuration to look as is in picture 

Esri Esteemed Contributor


We have had other customers respond that the symptom of failure to submit using a proxied page is not working with BUG-000118801 resolved.  Could I ask you to review Survey123: Web Browser "Failed to submit. Hide details - Object is Missing."?  This thread describes the specific error message seen; currently, this has been diagnosed as an issue with the ArcGIS Server.  I would encourage you to open a support ticket with Esri to either troubleshoot if this appears different or add yourself to the bug regarding this specific behavior.

New Contributor II

There are some really great updates here! 

1. Is there any way to invert the single choice grid? For example, put the choices vertically on the left and the question label across the top? I have a a couple situations where I have 2-3 questions with the same 10-ish choices, so using a long inverted grid format instead of a wide format would fit better.

2. Will an equivalent single choice grid be available for select_multiple questions in a future release? 


Occasional Contributor

Thanks for this update. The scanner functionality is something that has plagued us. We will be deploying 100 tablets in early November. Do you expect any more releases prior to that? I ask because I expect to have to go into each  tablet and uncheck all the scan code types except the one we are using.


New Contributor II

I love the idea of the single choice grid but can't get it to work. I don't have any styles set and am not using field-list. I have a bunch of yes/no select one questions so I started a new group, and in the line of "begin group" I added "table-list" to the appearance. I added a row for each question, then end group - I still don't get the single choice grid format - what am I missing?

New Contributor III

I'm implementing single choice grid on a new form, which is a checklist style form. It's a perfect fit.

One question comes up. When my list of questions is long, sometimes the user needs to scroll past where the options are visible at the top. In excel, you can set the view to always include that top pane with your column labels. Is there something like that formatting available? That is, I want my select_one choice labels to be visible, not just the radio buttons, for questions that are lower down on my table-list.

Please let me know if I am missing something. Thanks in advance, and still love it, regardless of how this turns out.

Occasional Contributor


I really love all these options but the basemap doesn't work while offline, so I can´t make any report, how can I fix it? 

Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Dena,

Just to check, the rows in the group are select_one questions, correct? It should look something like:

Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Vijay,

You can find the full description on the range question at Range—Survey123 for ArcGIS | Documentation .  One thing to note is that this question type uses the parameters column, not the bind::Esri:parameters column.  The example above is produced with:

Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Erik,

There isn't a method to create a rotated/inverted layout of the question & choices.

Support for select_multiple is something we are looking into, but don't have a definite release lined up yet.

Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Bob,

Thanks for the feedback.  Our next release is planned for after November.  Based on your description, it sounds like you would like to be able to set which encoding to use, correct?

Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Mikaila,

Thanks for the feedback- you are correct that if the list of questions is longer than the screen, you can't see the labels for some questions.  As a workaround, you could break up the question into blocks to ensure the header is visible- in most situations we've seen, it's often the case that questions can be grouped into sub-blocks based on what they are asking.

Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Karen,

By 'make a report', are you referring to submitting a form entry, or creating a Feature Report?

If form entry, you can still record the device's location using GPS, but to have the user navigate the map while offline, you will need to provide an offline map - see Include a map in your survey—Survey123 for ArcGIS | Documentation 

If the Feature Report service, that is not intended for use while offline.

Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi T L,

We will be providing the 3.6 template for AppStudio soon - there have been a couple of issues that have delayed complete finalization.

Occasional Contributor

Yes. Thanks James.


Occasional Contributor III

Thanks!  We appreciate all the Survey123 Teams hard work!

New Contributor III

Thanks James

New Contributor III

Is there ever going to be an option to allow for email notifications to be sent to an email list when a public user submits a survey online?  I understand there are work arounds for those with server, but that is not an option for us.  I am currently running a macro, three times a day, on a dedicated computer with the single purpose of checking for new records and emailing those records to those that need the information.  This works, but presents it's own hassles.  Thanks!

Esri Esteemed Contributor

The AppStudio templates are now available.

New Contributor III

This is good information and I appreciate the response, but we are not able to use webhooks for a variety of security and financial reasons. So I'm still looking for an integrated approach.  

Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Erik,

Webhooks can be used with internal resources (you can develop an in-house receiver for the web hook payload to process the data), so that may be a solution if there are concerns with using an external system. In general, this would be preferable for most customers; if Survey123 were to implement an e-mail notification directly, the person receiving the e-mail would receive it from 'survey123 AT arcgis.com' or similar e-mail that may not be directly linkable to you and likely interpreted as spam.

New Contributor III

Really? If you have Microsoft 365, then Power Automate (which contains Flow) is included. 

I use the webhooks to email certain email addresses with Flow, and the email comes from me (my email address). It costs nothing, and it works perfectly. 

I'm not sure what your limitations are but suggest that you try Flow. Go here and see if it lets you log in: Process Automation with Power Automate | Microsoft Power Apps  

New Contributor III

Thanks Mikaila, I can access flow, but our system blocks the database connections required to enable the webhook.

New Contributor III

Actually the system is blocking the connection to the email servers when trying to setup the flow. I probably just need to get help from IT.

REST API is not yet supported for this mailbox. This error can occur for sandbox (test) accounts or for accounts that are on a dedicated (on-premise) mail server. 
New Contributor

Ismael ChiviteJames Tedrick

Are the view and edit modes available for surveys that are hosted on an enterprise portal? 

Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Lauren,

Yes, the view and edit modes are available for surveys hosted on enterprise.  That being said, attachments cannot be viewed or edited in the context of the form.