ArcGIS Survey123 Quick Fix Release planned for October 8, 2021

10-04-2021 06:46 PM
Esri Notable Contributor
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A Quick Fix Survey123 release is planned to be made available on October 8, 2021. The mobile app will be updated in the Apple, Google Play and Microsoft stores. The new Windows and macOS installers for the Survey123 field app and Connect will also be available in the Survey123 download page.

This update includes no new functionality or UX changes. It includes 6 focused fixes:

  • Improved survey load time for large surveys when collecting a new record or opening existing records.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented sign-in to ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise through an external browser. BUG-000143256 
  • Fixed a bug that caused signature images to appear cropped and display excessive black background when viewing the image. BUG-000143018 
  • Fixed a bug when editing existing records, that caused the required message to display even when an image question does have an image already submitted.
  • Fixed a bug where choice list values were not repopulated when selecting a different choice filter value in cascading selects.
  • Fixed a bug where choice list values were cleared when opening an existing record that uses the search() appearance populated with a URL.

The version numbers for the Survey123 field app and Survey123 Connect will be 3.13.234 and 3.13.239 respectively. They are both available, for testing purposes, in the Survey123 Early Adopter website.

Many thanks to @ZakBrown @BenWan @JürgenBiendara @SimonNigh @erica_poisson @DerrickWestoby @KajsaWivstad @JasonJordan00 for bringing these issues to our attention.

 A Release Candidate of the 3.13 Survey123 website installer was also made available today in the Early Adopter website.