ArcGIS Survey123 Deprecation Notes - May 2021

05-07-2021 02:41 PM
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With each ArcGIS Survey123 release, we assess the platforms we support and adjust these based on customer requirements and technology improvements. The purpose of this article is to provide as much advance notice as possible regarding these changes.

The operating systems and web browsers supported by the current version of Survey123 are detailed in the System requirements help topic.

We plan to release ArcGIS Survey123 version 3.13 in August September 16 2021. This update will be built with ArcGIS AppStudio 5.1, which includes changes to the minimum requirements for various operating systems.

iOS 12 (Survey123 field app)

Starting with Survey123 3.13, the minimum supported version of iOS will be iOS 13. The following Apple devices will not be able to run ArcGIS Survey123 3.13 or later: iPhone 5s/6/6 Plus, iPad Mini 2/3, and iPad Air (2013).

Note: Users on iOS 12 can continue using ArcGIS Survey123 version 3.12 or earlier if already installed on their devices.

Android 5.x (Survey123 field app)

As anticipated in our ArcGIS Survey123 Deprecation Notes (November 2020), support for Android 5.x (Lollipop) is coming to an end. Starting with Survey123 3.13, the minimum supported version of Android will be Android 6.0 (Marshmallow). Survey123 3.13 will be the last version with support for Android x86.

Note: Users on Android 5.x can continue using ArcGIS Survey123 version 3.12 or earlier if already installed on their devices.

Windows 8.1 (Survey123 field app and Survey123 Connect)

Support for Windows 8.1, Windows 8.1 Pro, and Windows 8.1 Enterprise (32 bit and 64 bit) is planned to be dropped before the end of 2021. At that point, the minimum supported versions of Windows will be:

  • Windows 10 Pro (32 bit and 64 bit) minimum version 1809
  • Windows 10 Enterprise (32 bit and 64 bit) minimum version 1809
  • Windows Server 2016 (64 bit)
  • Windows Server 2019 (64 bit)

Windows 32 bit (Survey123 field app and Survey123 Connect)

As of March 2020, Microsoft no longer offers a 32 bit version of Windows to OEMs for new PCs. While the exact end-of-life date for Windows 32 bit operating systems is unclear, Esri plans to drop support for Windows 32 bit operating systems before the end of 2022. This will affect users of Survey123 Connect and the Survey123 field app.

Ubuntu and macOS  (Survey123 field app and Survey123 Connect)

ArcGIS Survey123 3.13 will be the last version with support for Ubuntu and macOS.

Survey123 field app availability in the Amazon store

3.13 will be the last version of Survey123 available in the Amazon Store. Users who cannot download apps from Google Play can install Survey123 from the .apk file included in the Survey123 resources page.


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Thanks! @IsmaelChivite 

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Hi @IsmaelChivite -- we use S123 field app because the webform does not support editing when surveys have repeats (the equivalent of the Inbox for the field app). This is an important component of our current workflow.

Will web forms support this in 3.13? If not, what do you recommend for macOS users of the S123 field app who use this functionality going forward? 


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I am in agreement with ShawnHarris, we have invested in IPads to run Survey123 in a disconnected environment.  I have also experienced the shortcoming's of the webform and now wonder how to proceed.  What are we to do after 3.13?  Will the webform be upgraded?  What will we be able to do in disconnected applications?  Do we give away our IPads and switch to Android?  Will Android be dropped in 2024?  

Just getting comfortable and it all changes again.....

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Are there any updates on the expected release date of ArcGIS Survey123 version 3.13?  I have an immediate need for the new search() appearance type on select_one and select_multiple questions.  If it is going to be released soon I will wait for it, otherwise I may need to use another method.



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@KyleHeulitt2 have you ever thought about the "Early Adopter Program" which gives you access to BETA versions/features of upcoming releases? Could help you out in your jam.

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@KyleHeulitt2  The current release date for 3.13 is September 16. As @MichaelBruening states, the search appearance documentation is in the Early Adopter Program. In preparation for the general release, you may want to warm up with the Beta for now.

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@ShawnHarris_CAR  You should be able to edit repeat records today within the Survey123 web app. Make sure your survey is published from Survey123 Connect using the latest version.

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@LeonardBarnhill  You will be able to use your iPads with 3.13 as long as you upgrade the operating system to iOS 13. Note that some old Apple devices do not support iOS13. Users on iOS 12 can continue using ArcGIS Survey123 version 3.12 or earlier if already installed on their devices. 

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@IsmaelChivite thanks for the reply. To clarify, we need to edit surveys with nested repeats (which we currently do using the inbox of the field app and drives a critical piece of our workflow). Is that possible using the web app?

For reference, the question comes from a note in a Tricks of the Trade article indicating only the field app supports nested repeats:

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@IsmaelChivite , as a Survey123 creator with a macOS computer I depend completely on Connect - it is my workhorse. Losing the use of Connect after 3.13 will be a major hassle for me.

As 17% of computers globally are macOS, the loss will affect many Esri customers, not just me.

Is this the best place to register our concern emphatically?

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@IsmaelChivite-- I agree with @Adrian_S, the impact of this decision for our organization will be significant and may result in requiring we move away from S123 entirely to a product that works with and has part of their strategy to work with macOS. Would you be able to provide more information on how the web form will catch up with field app or what options are for addressing this discontinuation?

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@Adrian_Sand @ShawnHarris_CAR   This is a good place to raise your concerns. Thanks for your comments.

The use of Survey123 Connect in macOS sits at 2.97% and for the Survey123 field app it is less than 1%. We have seen usage in macOS dropping over the past few years. Testing and certification efforts in macOS account for 50% of our efforts (split with Windows). We made the decision to deprecate macOS based on the above.

Numbers do not explain it all. I posted the deprecation notes here precisely to capture your feedback as well. I would love to talk with you privately to understand your situation with more detail. Please email so we can connect. Thanks a lot.

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@IsmaelChivite @MichaelBruening Thank you for your responses!  I am looking forward to the release 3.13.  I am part of the Early Adopter Program and have tried out the new features I am interested in, but I'm waiting for the release version to implement the changes to my forms.

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@KyleHeulitt23.13 was released yesterday evening.

The release notes are here:

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To report back, as a long-time Mac user I'm now happy running Survey123 Connect for Windows on my Mac. I've done so intensively for a month now, and it's all gone really smoothly (with a complex 100-row .xlsx)!

I use  Parallels Desktop 18 for Mac. Parallels have done a grand job of virtualising Windows 11. Parallels is $100+, & it auto-installs Windows 11 with no necessity to pay. And all this on a Mac whose CPU is Apple M1 not Intel!

My only hurdle was initially deciding whether to keep the .xlsx etc. documents on Mac or on virtual Windows, and how to make the process work. What works well for me is:

  1. Docs folder on virtual Windows.
  2. Master copy(s) of .xlsx on Mac.
  3. Edit it in Excel for Mac.
  4. Drag (= copy) the .xslx to virtual Windows folder.
  5. Survey123 Connect on virtual Windows automatically processes the updated .xslx, as usual.
  6. Do not click the XLSForm icon in Survey123 Connect. Use steps 3-4 instead.