Will it ever be possible to embed <script> code?

01-05-2023 08:24 AM
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I know at the moment the StoryMap embed function only really allows <iframe> but there are a few 'workarounds' for some types of <script> code. However, as more places seem to be offering 'free' embed codes via SmartFrame I was wondering if allowing Smart Frame embedding is on the radar as a new feature to add?

Here are a couple of SmartFrame code examples: <script async src="https://embed.smartframe.io/27025fea9afa38753501b02dbd8a40f2.js" data-image-id="bl10928" data-width="100%" data-max-width="3952px" data-theme="aco"></script> & <script async src="https://embed.smartframe.io/aee9ce00bc36d0252e98a27e601442a2.js" data-image-id="ARCH382881_00377487" data-width="100%" data-max-width="4472px" data-theme="mirrorpix-off-site"></script>.

As it stands I'm going to have to buy image licences to use these images in my StoryMap, yet both institutions are clearly up for sharing content, so long as they retain some control be specifying SmartFrame to display it. If this function could be added to StoryMaps it'd save me a fortune and be really great for sharing content.

Any thought much appreciated! 🙂


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Currently, embedding <script> tags in a StoryMap is not compatible with our team's security policies.

In the second half of this year, we will be looking into possible solutions for you to self-host a story on your own infrastructure. In that case, you take on the security risk and would be able to embed code that you trust. Right now this is just research work that is planned and we don't have a specific date on when this feature might become available.

Owen Evans
Lead Product Engineer | StoryMaps
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Hi Owen,

Many thanks for the update, I'll keep my eyes peeled for future developments.


Best wishes,


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