Storymap unable to load wms layers in ArcGIS online map

11-18-2021 08:14 AM
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Hi all,

In my story map I am inserting a map already created on ArcGIS online which has a wms ocg image layers from the channel coastal observatory (CCO) using the url

The image layers I can see sucessfully in the map viewer, but when I insert the map into story maps It does not load the image layers (however, I can see the image layer in the thumbnail)! 

I have inserted the screenshot

Has anyone got any advice please?


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Hey Chris,

I tried adding the url to an AGOL web map and got the error in the screenshot below. 


Maybe something changed on the service's end and that's why it's not loading? I also went to the CCO website and tried adding the path given for the arcmap instructions and that didn't work either. I also tried adding the service to Pro, and got a message that a username and password were required.

I might try reaching out to CCO directly if you are having this same issue.

Good luck!


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Hi @FourCornersMapping 

It's a very touchy service, the layer only workd if you load when in the classic map viewer and you choose Add+ and then Add layer from web...


There are clearly problems with the AGOL version. I use Arcmap 10.4.. so I imagine it's the same with Pro you will need to register for an account woth CCO (it's free). then you can sign in and use with Pro.

Also, I found that the CCO wms doesn't work with Firefox... but it does with Edge!

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