Storymap title and description won't update

02-17-2023 09:16 AM
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I published a storymap, and the interface will no longer let me edit the title and description in the storycard. When I go to the project in arcgisonline, I can change the title and description and save the changes, but when I view the storymap, it doesn't update. 

SethLaxmanLush_0-1676654055911.pngHere you can see that I have successfully updated the title and description.



SethLaxmanLush_2-1676654187027.pngHere you can see how the previous version persists despite the changes I made and saved.


I tried contacting support and they refused to connect me with someone who can help and said my only option is to post online, so appreciate any assistance people can provide.

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@SethLaxmanLush It appears you are using a free public account, which has some limitations, so the ability to customize the social metadata used when you share a story online is not available.

If you want to edit your story title/subtitle, you'll need to do it on the cover in the story builder. That information will overwrite what's in your item information in ArcGIS each time you publish.

Owen Evans
Lead Product Engineer | StoryMaps