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StoryMap - Link from Timeline to headings with assosiated bookmark.

05-16-2024 02:45 AM
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Hello everyone! 😊

I've created a StoryMap with a Sidecar featuring a 3D Scene View to showcase the locations of upcoming buildings along with short descriptions and 3D representations on a map. Each building is represented by a bookmark, accompanied by a relevant header and a brief project description.

In the StoryMap, I've also included a timeline for each building/bookmark. I've linked each event on the timeline to its corresponding building using hyperlinks. So, when you click on a hyperlink, it should zoom in on the respective building in the Sidecar feature.

While this functionality generally works well, there's an occasional issue where, upon frequent switching between bookmarks, the view randomly zooms to the first bookmark instead of the intended one (e.g., bookmark number 3).

Has anyone encountered a similar issue before, and do you have any suggestions on how to address it?

Thanks in advance. 

I've attached a video showcasing dummy data of the situation without the error. Picture this: you click on a link for Oslo, but instead of being directed to a map of Oslo, you're redirected to a map of Norway. This problem arises specifically when dealing with 3D scenes. 

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