Sidecar transition with floating panel overlaps embedded web experience map

12-16-2021 04:08 PM
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With reference to the screenshots below, can anyone advise if it is possible to increase the gap between the two sidecar floating panels that make up my story map. Alternatively I would be happy to remove the first floating panel that is associated with the embedded Web Experience.

The main issue is that the Web Experience that is embedded into the story map is interfered with by the floating panels (see red circles below)- ie. making it difficult to navigate around the interactive map because of the floating panels sitting in front of the Web Experience. I understand that there is the option to have a docked panel, but this is not the layout that I find agreeable with the story map I have created. Thanks for your help.


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@AndrewFaulkner -- There's no way to adjust the spacing of panels in a sidecar at this time.

We don't usually recommend using web mapping applications as backgrounds for sidecars. Even if the spacing of the panels was different, it can be confusing for readers to have a scrolling page element on top of a generic interactive application. It's usually a better experience to use map choreography and/or map actions in a sidecar to create a directed experience for your readers in the story. Then you can provide a link out to the interactive app so interested readers can use it in a new tab, where the experience is better and focused. Hope this is helpful.

Owen Evans
Lead Product Engineer | StoryMaps
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