Positioning text left, right, center

04-22-2021 12:18 PM
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I'd like to vary where text blocks appear. Sometimes center (default), sometimes right, sometimes left.
I have this option for the title and image up top, but I see none for text.

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@Rutter -- That isn't a capability that's available in ArcGIS StoryMaps now. You may want to add it to the ideas board (or see if there is a current idea that you can upvote).

I don't think these will completely meet your need, but just so you are aware of some related capabilities...in the theme builder you can choose the alignment for quote text, and if you write a story in a right-to-left language, the text will be right aligned when readers view/print your story.

Owen Evans
Lead Product Engineer | StoryMaps
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That's a very helpful reply--thank you. I did know about the provisions for
Arabic and Hebrew, but in my case it's just a matter of aesthetics. The
middle column text is outdated (see any magazine) inasmuch as it's
predictable and unchanging.

So yes, I should make a suggestion to the powers that be.

Thanks again,
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