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Options for StoryMaps gallery - ArcGIS online

07-20-2023 12:08 AM
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Good morning everyone, I'm creating this post to retrieve some suggestions in order to solve my problem.

My organisation has almost 80 StoryMaps published in a gallery which was created from the Classic StoryMaps platform. Now, we want to update this gallery and we thought that the Collections are the perfect tool for us. With those, you are able to insert a short description, hyperlinks to other useful resources and create a theme (so, in our case, we can use our Organisation's colours). However, the maximum number of items you can add is 60. For us it is a big limit since we will have more than 200 StoryMaps in the next years. I have already tried to create a gallery using InstantApp. However, this tool does not provide the same level of personalisation and interaction as the Collections do. What other options are out there? Is there another tool which can provide the same level of functionalities as the Collections (e.g. description, hyperlinks, theme) but without the items limit?

Thank you very much to everyone who can make the time to read this post and provide some insights.

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@GiuliaMattion -- The available navigation styles and overview pages of a collection are designed and optimized for small sets of stories. Even though they support up to 60 items, I would say if you have more than about 20 stories you should consider using another way to organize them. Because of your organization's prolific story production rate it sounds like you will be outgrowing collections very soon!!

I would recommend using an ArcGIS Hub site or possibly Experience Builder to present your substantial set of stories.

Hub provides flexible tools to create pages with different layouts of images, text, different sections, and attractive cards to link to your stories, so you can design a beautiful site to share your work. You even might want to create multiple pages for your visitors can navigate between to organize your stories even further. And of course there's the ability to add a search, which is likely important with that many stories. You can organize stories by date, topic, author/department, or any other way that makes sense for you organization.

If needed, you can even integrate Hub pages into your own organization's existing website.

As an example, my colleagues on the Esri StoryMaps team have used ArcGIS Hub to create our new e-magazine site, StoryScape. You can check it out here for ideas and inspiration: StoryScape (

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