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Is there a way to stop the bounce between slides in 3D

04-30-2023 08:20 PM
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Hi I am a long time story map user, but have never done a story map in 3D.  In my story I am telling a story of a flight between two locations.  As the user flys along we provide diffrent information about the scenes in the flight.   One odd thing is the behavior between the spots allong the route.  The default behavior seems to be a little like a bouncing ball, which is cool and all, but doesn't represent an airplane flight very well.  This seems to be more propminant if the two locations are close together.  Is there a way to disable the bouncy ball effect of the camera?

Sample of my story map can be found at

The bouncy ball effect is most noticable right at take off.


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Hi @frobertsmaf,

At the moment, there is not a way to alter the transition between slides of an immersive tour. One option could be to use the slideshow layout instead, which I believe gives a slightly different transition. This could also be a suggestion to provide on the ArcGIS Ideas page for ArcGIS StoryMaps for future customization of slide transitions.


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