Is there a way to access the raw data in a StoryMap item in My Content?

07-24-2019 01:46 PM
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I am trying to access the raw spatial, visual, and textual data stored within StoryMap items, particularly areas drawn in an Express Map. I am doing research using Story Maps and asking new GIS users to make Story Maps that include areas drawn around particular places (in Express Maps) along with associated images and written narratives about each place. I really value the user-friendliness of Story Maps because they effectively, and importantly, streamline the process of combining spatial, visual, and textual data for new GIS users by removing many of the barriers to multi-step GIS processes. 


My understanding is that areas drawn in an Express Map are simple map graphics stored within a "StoryMap" item in My Content on ArcGIS Online. Is there any information associated with these graphics (e.g., geographic coordinates and area measurements) that I could somehow access? Or, is there a way to access these graphics to effectively convert them into shapefiles? Or, is there another Story Map workflow that I could use to facilitate new GIS users in drawing areas, along with associated images and narratives, that would not add too many steps or sacrifice the user-friendliness of an Express Map? Thank you so much for any help!

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@OwenGeo some clarity on this, even just a yes/no would be greatly appreciated. Is there any way of getting the back end graphic data from an express map and transferring it to a 'real' map that can be used in web app builder or what not?

Thanks! 🙂

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Sorry for missing this original post!

Express maps are designed to be simple, self-contained storytelling resources rather than a GIS tool. So we're not planning on providing a way to export or reuse the sketches separately.

I would recommend looking at some of the other ArcGIS apps—such as QuickCapture, Survey123, the ArcGIS map viewer, the draw widget in Web AppBuilder, and probably others—that can be used to capture/sketch GIS data that can be reused in other ways.

Owen Evans
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Thank you!

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