Is the new ArcGIS StoryMap self-hostable?

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12-03-2019 01:14 PM
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I'm thinking the answer to this question is no, but I wanted a solid answer.  I just want to know if you can self-host the new ArcGIS StoryMap (with the Classics, you downloaded the source code and inserted your app ID, so you could give it a custom URL, among other things.)

So far, I have not found a blog, article, question, or source code that gives me this option.  

I tried asking ESRI chat, and they keep giving me links to the self-hosting the classics blogs from 2017, BEFORE ArcGIS StoryMap existed.

Is this an option yet?

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For my county, it is the entire link first and foremost, but I would probably use both options if they were available, so that I could have easily found applications and not so easily found applications

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My preference would be to customize the entire link. Both options seem ok, but ideally if we have a customize URL that we want people to use, always having to set-up a redirect seems a waste. So self-hosting an entire link, would make the most sense.

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Hi Owen, it might worth taking a look at how host a 'subdomain' of your organisations site to host landing pages. E.g. If I create a landing page with, I can host it on my site by adding the suffix pages.  to my domain. e.g.

You just add a CNAME tag (I think) to the domain, and then the landing pages become customisable, and look like they're being hosted on the organisations sit.

For us, it's so easy to add a redirect to our, that it's only the domain that is the main issue (although both would be nice). 

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