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How do I add widget to web maps in the new Beta storymap?

07-17-2019 03:06 PM
New Contributor III

I want to add interactive features to the maps in the new storymap (Beta). I have been trying to embed webapps into storymap. However, that workflow was resulting on the maps on the story to look all mess up. The view is really inconsistent from computer to computer. I was hoping to eliminate the web app step and just add the widgets I need directly to the map when I click on the "add map" option. Any help or ideas will be greatly appreciated! 

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Esri Notable Contributor

Hi Isabela -- Thanks for sharing your experience and your concerns with us. Also note that ArcGIS StoryMaps is no longer in beta! The beta period ended earlier this month. 🙂

Can you please let us know what widgets you'd like to add to your story map? We are considering adding some additional tools, but we also try to make sure there is a balance between sophisticated capability and preserving a simple experience for readers. Many people can be overwhelmed by the types of apps that us GIS professionals love -- the ones with layer lists, basemap switchers, analysis tools, and other geo-related bells and whistles.

While there are certainly cases where you may want to embed a powerful GIS app in a story (such as when your audience is GIS professionals), for more general audiences you can also consider the benefits of linking out to those apps using a button or a card. This keeps the story experience simple while also allowing interested readers to go deeper on their own using those more sophisticated exploratory apps.

Hope this is helpful, and please let us know what widgets you would like to see available in the story builder.

Owen Evans
Lead Product Engineer | StoryMaps
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Hi Owen, 

Thank you so much for your quick response. I know it is not in Beta anymore, I just call it that out of habit and to differentiate it from the other templates (we have been using Cascade). Anyway, the widgets we need are pretty simple: 

  • Print
  • Layer list (so people can turn layers on and off)
  • About
  • Legend 
  • Swipe (not all the maps will need this feature, but it is a really important one)
  • Time slider (same as with Swipe. We only need it for one map, but it is important) 
  • Share (we want people to be able to share the map without having to share the whole page)
  • Search (We want people to find their address in the map