Front Page Video Causes Site Login Issues

06-05-2020 11:40 AM
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I created a StoryMap site and the front page gives you the opportunity to add a background image or a video. The page doesn't allow for an external web link like a youtube video, but you can upload a video file like an mp4 but are limited in file size. I modified the video file to accommodate the file size and the video played like expected. However, whenever anyone tried opening the web app, they would get a login screen. I double checked all the files and apps to make sure they were set to public. However, they still got the login screen. I decided to remove the video in the opening screen and that solved the issue. So, my question is where does the video file get stored and how can I make it shareable.


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Steve Rhyne‌ - I'm sorry you were having an issue with your video. Did you get this resolved?

The video gets stored with the story and when you share the story the video should be shared the same way. We haven't received any other reports of this issue and we see many shared stories with video covers, so unfortunately I'm not sure what happened with yours.

If you can recreate the problem, can you share a link to the story here so we can look into this? 

Owen Evans
Lead Product Engineer | StoryMaps
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