Error message when trying to view public storymap

03-23-2022 06:46 PM
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Hi there, 

I've just published a storymap publicly, but when I logged out and used the link to try to pull it up, I got an error message that says:"Hmm... There seems to be an issue. There was a problem accessing this story or this page. Please try again or contact your ArcGIS administrator." 

We don't have an ArcGIS administrator... or if we do, it's me. Has anyone else had this problem? I've emailed Esri customer support and will update if they can figure it out. 

Here's the link, in case anyone else wants to try:

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I should add that I did get a pop up saying something about my map layers not being verified or something when I published it. I ignored this since I created the map layers. Maybe that has something to do with the issue. 

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@TylerMcIntosh - This is a known issue that we are not happy about and actively trying to resolve. The reason for this is when you access a story when logged in, it gets cached with your logged in state. Then when you try to access the story when logged-out, it's not visible because of the way it was previously cached.

Unfortunately there isn't a straightforward way for us to resolve this while keeping the level of performance in other situations, but we are evaluating a few different approaches and hope to address this at some point in the near future.

As a workaround, you can always access the story in a fresh incognito or private browsing window.

Owen Evans
Lead Product Engineer | StoryMaps
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