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CartoMOOC mega map - how do I make a similar map?

08-05-2020 09:52 AM
New Contributor

I would like to create a map where a community of Black Female Triathletes can add a pin at their location on a web app map with a few details. There was a classic story map that allowed this function.  Like the CartoMOOC Mega Map.  What do I need to do this?

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Hey Tamara Parsons‌,

If you just want to drop a point on their location you could use Field Data Collection App | ArcGIS QuickCapture 

If you want to drop a point on their location and collect some information you could use: 

I'm happy to help out if you have any questions feel free to tag me or reply to this question! Good luck Tamara Parsons‌!



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