Can you link to another tab in a collection

09-13-2021 05:09 AM
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We can now link to different sections within a StoryMap, and this is great functionality! 

But is there a way to link to the next StoryMap in a collection? We want to prompt the user to change to the next tab, rather than close the window.

Anneka France
Technical Manager at The Rivers Trust
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Esri Notable Contributor

Hi @Anneka_France! That's not possible right now, but we've been thinking about that too. We don't have a specific timeline for this yet, but make sure to vote for this idea, if you haven't already. Would also be great if you could share some ideas about how this would work (on the idea thread) as well so we have a good idea of what you're expecting.

Owen Evans
Lead Product Engineer | StoryMaps
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