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11-12-2020 03:40 PM
Status: Under Consideration
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In our collection we would like to drive users through a multi-storymap experience (as Collections is intended to be used?). However, we find it strange that there is no way to link to the next tab after scrolling through a storymap (the hacky solution, adding a button that links to it, doesn't work well as  buttons only have the functionality of opening in a new tab). The ability to add an "Up next:..." button at the end of storymaps in a collection would be extremely useful for keeping users engaged and immersed in the experience.

Status changed to: Under Consideration

This feature has been requested for a story map collection I'm working on as well. Some sort of navigation option at the end of each story would be very useful and seems more intuitive than going to the top of the page to continue.


Yes, this would be a helpful addition, "previous/next item". I understand the difficulty implementing it, since a story could be accessed individually. Or a collection footer?

But highly requested by authors working with Collections, since they are used as a binder, and a pre-thought navigation for the end user.


Currently I am using the story map journal and in there I can use the "navigate to another section" feature which allows the user to click in the table of content I created and navigate to the desire section. It will be helpful if this could be done in the new story map. 


Hi @utenalarosa -- That capability is already available. You can either enable the story navigation bar (from the Design panel), or insert links to headings within your story. See Add another dimension to your stories with heading links (esri.com).

If neither of these are what you are looking for, please create a new idea so we can evaluate your suggestion separately.


I'd love to see this functionality - once users have scrolled to the foot of a storymap it would be intuitive to have some navigation there to jump to the next section.