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Can esri change Storymap ownership from university account to personal account after graduation?

05-18-2020 06:29 PM
New Contributor

I'm a university student and I created a Collection of Storymaps for a local conservation organization that they currently use for outreach and education. I'm graduating now and want to switch ownership of the Storymaps and Collection to my new personal account so the organization can continue to use them. There's hundreds of pages of text and images, so it would be a huge hassle to recreate all of the stories, and it would also break all of the links to the stories that the organization has already sent out. Can esri change Storymap ownership from my student account to my personal account to fix this? Are there any better solutions? Owen Evans I see that administrators can change ownership within an organization, but my case doesn't seem to fit that situation. Here are the stories if that helps:

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