Bookmarking an embedded map in storymaps (not widget)

11-10-2021 01:27 AM
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We have a storymap where we are trying to bookmark some sites and I would like some advice please.

We previously had a story map (link: Chapter 4: Housing Site Options in the Heart of Teignbridge ( where you can see a number of locations if you scroll down.  As you hit each location title, the map changes to zoom to that location.  This was done by "Add Media" "Add Map" and using the bookmarks we could tell it where to set the initial view too.

Now, we are doing a very similar storymap but we are "Add Media" "Add Embed" a map build in Web App Builder.  I cannot see a way to then set each location map to the initial view for that location.  I can see a widget for Bookmarking sites where a user could click the widget and select the location, but ideally I'd like it so as they scroll to the text for that location, the map zooms to it.

Am I asking too much without going into adding code etc?

Thank you!

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@SimonLaughton -- Unfortunately, when embedding an app to a story it's not possible to directly manipulate its map extent. This is because there's no way for the story builder to know or control what's inside the embed frame; it's just a window for displaying something else on the web. When you add a web map directly, the story builder has many tools to configure the appearance and behavior of the map.

If you'd prefer to control the map in the story, you'll need to directly add the web map that's being used in the Web AppBuilder app. If you need certain controls or widgets from the WAB app, then the trade off is that you have less control over the map in the story builder.

You could always use the map directly in your story to get the choreographed experience you're after, and then provide a link to the WAB app somewhere in your story so people can use it after reading your story if there's additional value they can get from it.

Owen Evans
Lead Product Engineer | StoryMaps
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