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audio sample rate for StoryMaps

01-17-2024 04:59 PM
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Hello -- I'm creating audio which will be included in ArcGIS StoryMaps, and wondering whether to finalize it in 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz sample rate, in case one is preferred over the other -- I can't find technical specifications for audio format (other than mp3 and under 50 MB). 

Thanks very much!


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@ErnstKarel ,

On the ArcGIS StoryMaps side, there is not a preferred size over the other - as long as the 50 MB maximum file size is not hit. Technically, the 44.1kHz file should be slightly smaller in size. There are some interesting perspectives on which sample rate you may want to pick based on the type of audio you are collecting, but this would be more of a personal preference as to which sample rate to utilize. Here are a couple articles (not Esri specific) I found:

Resound Sound - What sample rate and bit depth should I use? .

Pro Tools Production - 44.1khz vs 48khz Audio - Which Is Better?