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ArcGIS Online StoryMap can't Publish

11-17-2019 09:06 AM
New Contributor

I am having technical difficulties publishing my StoryMap. I have finished my StoryMap and want to publish it so it can be shared but the publish button and drop-down are not working. I have even tested a new StoryMap with just some text and one image and the same issue is occurring.

Any suggestions or help?

Using the new StoryMaps

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Esri Notable Contributor

HI George -- I'm sorry you are having an issue publishing stories. Does anything happen when you click the Publish button? Do the other buttons in the header (Design, Preview, ..., (?) ) work as expected? Can you let us know what web browser and version you are using?

Owen Evans
Lead Product Engineer | StoryMaps
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New Contributor II

I am having the same issue. Are there any fixes? All my other maps publish, except for this one:

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