Synchronise Map Locations of Web Apps used in Story Maps

12-12-2018 03:55 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor

One of the great strengths of Story Maps is the ability to synchronise map locations of different web maps used in different tabs of a Story Map. So you can set the map location of the web map in the first tab and as you cycle through the other tabs in the Story Map the map location remains the same as the first tab.

Sadly there are not many other widgets that come with web maps when you use them in a Story Map and Story Maps has only a few widgets that can be activated under Settings/Map Options for the web map used (synchronisation being one of them - see image below).

The work around for this is instead of using a web map for the content in a Story Map use a web app built with web app builder instead. Now we have a wealth of widgets at our disposal for use with each map in the Story Map tabs..... Unfortunately map synchronisation in Story Maps does not work with web apps. My clients prioritised map synchronisation for a Story Map I am building but unfortunately this means I have to sacrifice the clients having access to all these other great widgets that would make the Story Map so much more powerful...

 Please ESRI. Can you allow for synchronisation of map location for web apps used in Story Maps?