Swipe - Possibility to Hide "Button"

06-09-2021 08:07 AM
Status: Needs Clarification
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The slider always goes from the left to the right edge of the image and is always visible. Sometimes it gets in the way. It would be nice if you could press the round button in the middle of the slider to make it disappear (at least temporarily) or if there was such an option somewhere else.


@NadjaBernhard Thanks for sharing this idea. Could you please post a screenshot of the situation you are describing so we can better understand the issue?

Status changed to: Needs Clarification



e.g. in this example - the slider is completely at the left side (which is good, since this way I am able to see the entire image). However if the images are wider it is tedious to get the slider completely on one side.

proposition: if the slider is on the left side and the slider is double tapped, the slider disappears and shows the left image. (if the slider is on the right side, the right image is shown). to re-show the slider an icon is required. furthermore, the manager should be able to de/activate this option, similar to "Allow readers to expand slider"

maybe this is a niche request.