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01-07-2021 12:04 PM
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Having the option to add short descriptions below the thumbnail for each story on the initial Collections gallery/splash page would be helpful in cases where commentary  from the collection curator regarding each item can provide additional context or insight as to why it is in the collection. 

For example, we are running a StoryMap of the month for our organization to highlight internal content from our various program areas, and being able to say what we liked about each item or say more about the program area who worked on it could add more overall value. 

Thanks for your time and consideration! 

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Status changed to: Already Offered

@AaronKoelker -- The Journal collection overview layout includes the item summaries. Here's an example: The Deep (


Thanks @OwenGeo . I think that covers some cases well, like the example you included. But in situations where the individual stories were not necessarily designed to be in a collection originally, it is a bit limiting. We can't alter those descriptions if the item is from another organization, either. Or in other cases, we want to make a collection of stories from different departments within our own org, but we don't want to have to 'hijack' the item description just to serve the purposes of the collection, when the individual items might also need to stand on their own, if that makes sense. If there was an option to manually edit the descriptions on the Journal layout (under the existing Custom item details settings, like the Title option there now) rather than only pulling from the item summaries, that would be really great.

Screenshot 2023-01-09 105318.png

I think our current workaround for some of these cases would be to create a separate StoryMap that links to each story and then include a bit of commentary via the text blocks, or use some external option like a blog post the way ESRI does for their Favorites Stories of the Year. Which works fine, too—but the compactness, functionality, and structure of using the Collections would be nice, and integrates well as an item with the rest of the ArcGIS platform, such as on Hub/Open Data sites.

Appreciate you all taking the time to respond and update these idea posts.



@AaronKoelker - The ability to edit/override item summaries in the collection builder is in progress and should be ready for release in a month or so.



@OwenGeo  Great news! Thanks for the update.