StoryMap print OPTIONS

05-19-2021 10:35 AM
New Contributor II

I would love to see the new StoryMap get print options to show the url for links, as the Classic Story Map App used to have. 

I just "printed" some recently created StoryMaps as I close out the semester (I want to keep a copy of the work by students as a PDF since eventually this will not be online) and was disappointed that I could not have the url show when printing.  

It would also be great if the image credits would print (for those with an i icon). 

Status changed to: Under Consideration

@MirandaRectenwald -- Thanks for posting this suggestion. I moved it to our ideas board so others can vote and comment on this idea. We are considering enhancements for print, but we don't have a specific timeline or details to share at this time.


This would indeed be a very useful functionality. Do you also plan to expand the current print/save-to-PDF functionality in Classic Story Maps (in either case th option to have interactive elements of the Story Map translate better into PDF would be great) Any thought?


@JanHavlas -- There are no plans to add new features or enhancements to any of the classic templates. In fact, the classic templates will be moving to extended support in a few months.

For more details see Updated classic story map transition timeline (