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06-30-2021 08:16 AM
Status: In Product Plan
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It would be great if groups within an organization could share storymap themes without needing an admin to set up an organization share page. 

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@LieselSchwarz -- We've started to look at this a bit. Could you share a little more about how you'd like this to work? You mentioned groups -- are groups that the way you'd prefer to share themes with colleagues?

My specific example is as a member of a university account. I have a group within GIS consisting of my interns and myself. We use this mostly to develop our monthly newsletter on storymap. When Themes came out I asked my graphic inter to build a storymap theme for the newsletter. When I asked her to share it with the team she couldn’t. I needed to reach out to our administrator to set up an organization theme sharing page. It would have been nice to just share the theme with our existing GIS group instead of having to involve the administrator.

Let me know if you need more details or have other questions.



Thanks @LieselSchwarz! It's very useful to us to know specifics like this, so thank you for sharing your workflows and expectations. We can definitely see value in this type of easy sharing of themes.

For now, if it's difficult to get an admin involved, you can try just recreating a theme from scratch. Themes only consist of about a dozen different aspects, so it might be easier to simply take a few screenshots of your theme configuration in theme builder and share them with your colleagues. They should be able to recreate your theme in a few minutes.

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Oh our admin is great! And has already set up the organization sharing site. I just felt like in the future it would be a nice feature to be able to share these themes among existing groups within your organization.

Jumping into this thread with a similar experience and request for update. As a San Francisco city agency, we are just one of many departments using the service under the City Hall contract agreement, and our template/brand guide is department-specific. My creative services team would like to share several themes that only apply to our department and not the rest of the City agencies. Any chance we can localize this sharing capacity without involving the bureaucracy?

Status changed to: In Product Plan

We are targeting the addition of more theme sharing options for late Q4 of 2021.