Showing routes in guided tours

05-31-2021 02:44 AM
New Contributor II

Hi, Is there any way to draw a route on a guided tour map? I have a walking tour in a country park that's a protected cultural and scientific site, so users need to follow established paths to protect the site. I have text notes and a few aerial images to help with this, but a line on the main guided map would really help.


@LaraK -- We are looking into providing drawing tools in the map tour builder. These would be similar to the drawing tools in the express map builder.

For now, if you have a web map with the route layer you want to add to your tour you can use that web map as the tour basemap. When you do this, the layers in your map will be shown in the tour. Just go to the tour's Map options, click the basemap tile in the sidebar, click Browse more maps, then select your web map.

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Status changed to: Under Consideration