Progress Bar for a Story

02-01-2021 07:46 AM
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Enhancement request to include a navigation element that shows a progress bar in a Story. This would be helpful for longer Story Maps where users will want to know how far they have progressed through the story as they scroll through the content. 

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Thanks for this idea. We don't have this on our roadmap, but we'll monitor this thread for votes and additional feedback.

Here are some techniques that might help in the meantime...

Currently, authors can include the story navigation bar in their story (learn more here). As reader scroll through the story, the current section is highlighted in the nav bar, which provides an approximate measure of progress through the story. Story navigation can be enabled in the Design panel of the story builder.

For very long stories, we recommend the narrative be split into multiple stories that serve as chapters. The chapter stories can be added to a collection (learn more here), and progress through the collection also provides a measure of progress to readers as they move through the story. See an example here. Chapter stories can also have story navigation enabled to show progress in an individual chapter.


I have tried breaking the storymap into separate storymaps in a collection, however the navigation still only allows you to use the main headers for navigation, using the sub-headers too would be great. We have some customers who will lose attention pretty quickly if they feel like they are not getting through the content fast enough. Having an indicator of how much more is left would be really helpful.