Please Add Undo Option to New Story Map Builder

08-19-2019 11:45 AM
New Contributor III

Now that the Story Map Builder has auto save, if something iis accidentally deleted, there is no way to undo that action.  Adding an undo option would help reduce frustration and lost work.story maps builder next gen story map story maps beta


This is the same as another idea:  that didn't come up in the original  search

I lost everything I just worked so hard on because there is no UNDO button!!!  When I went to delete one slide in the sidecar it deleted every slide and all of the text and links that went with it.  UGH!  

For small things ctrl z works. 

I think undo should be added to the story maps, mistakes or adjustments can easily be made and it will make it a lot easier.

I've deleted a slide show more than twice by accident because there's no good way delete images from slide shows.  This is a great product but there are some small things that are ridiculously frustrating.  Having an undo button would make this much easier to work with. 


I support the idea to

  • Add undo
  • Or add the ability to turn off Autosave!

In the past, like using Cascade, I could create several sections of story map, see if I like them, then choose to save or not, or even I think, save as.  Autosave prevents me from doing this and I found it very hard to even undo the last action.  This reduced my confidence, especially when I had my work 98% complete, I could easily have made a mistake that would have jeopardised a whole section!