Option to add a button to a map tour slide

05-04-2021 08:18 AM
Status: Implemented
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We'd like to be able to add a button to the text panel on a Map Tour slide. This would most likely be a call to action or a link to find out more. Being able to link out to other sources of information allows us to keep StoryMaps concise and focused on what users are interested in.

At the moment, we have to use a simple hyperlink but it doesn't stand out to the reader or look as nice as a button.




Status changed to: In Product Plan

I would also like to add buttons within the map tour. It does not seem possible based upon the given options. Is this correct?


That's correct. It's still not possible to add buttons to a map tour slide, but it has been added to the product plan so will hopefully be made possible in a future update. 


We are currently working on the design for adding buttons (and inline audio and lists) to map tour places. We hope to make this available in Q3 of this year.


Hi, how is the progress coming along? When is Q3 anticipated to start for this designʻs implementation? 


@TheaLemberger -- Q3 is the 3rd quarter of the year, so you can expect this to be released sometime between July-Sept.

Status changed to: Implemented

The ability to add buttons (and audio clips) to map tours was added in today's update.

For details see What’s new in ArcGIS StoryMaps (August 2021)