Navigation buttons for sidecar slides

11-02-2020 01:10 PM
Status: Implemented
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There needs to be some navigations buttons along the side or below the Sidecar template so that viewers can navigate back and forth and randomly through multiple slides within the template without having to resort to scrolling ONLY.  


Hi @ShawnaReid1 -- Thanks for providing feedback on ArcGIS StoryMaps.

Sidecars with 10 or fewer slides currently have a dot navigation along the side that can be used to jump to any slide.

We are looking into some changes to this experience. Can you share what sort of navigation controls did you have in mind?


Yes!  Would love to add my ideas!

I did discover that indeed 10 or fewer slides will have the navigations dots on the side.  However, I have 19 forests that I am trying to represent and share information for, so that limitation is not good for my story map.  If that 10 dot limitation could be increased, that would be wonderful!!! 

Also, as an added idea, it would be equally wonderful to either be able to name the dots, to reflect the name of the slide, or to either show a popup when hovering over the dot to show the name of the slide.  Either way would be very informative and help with navigating through the slides.  


Thank you for responding to my feedback!!!

Shawna Reid

Status changed to: Under Consideration

After working with an ESRI representative, Luis, in Esri Case #02678205, we also discussed having the slides show at the bottom of the template and be able to name them so that the viewer could navigate the slides randomly and not just scroll in order.  This would make it easier to view the slides that were of interest to the viewer.  


Thanks for you consideration, 

Shawna Reid

Status changed to: Implemented

@ShawnaReid1 A new ribbon for browsing through sidecar slides was added in an update we made last week. Please see What's new in ArcGIS StoryMaps (December 2020) for more information and a video of the new ribbon.