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02-01-2021 08:50 AM
Status: Implemented
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It would be nice to have the possibility to navigate in the story map by clicking text piece in the same story map. I know we can do this in with the sections in the header but doing it within the storymap itself would be nice. For exemple :  In this section you'll find  1. Permits  2. Maps  3. Chart the user could go straight to the sub-section(text) he wants. It could be done by selecting texte or targeted words. 

Thank you for your time and this great product. It is very useful for us!

Status changed to: Under Consideration


Yes, it's a really good idea, we need that especially for long storymaps


This would be really useful and definitely a feature that is needed if we want to start using StoryMaps as an alternative to PDFs. People are used to following links and jumping up and down sections in PDF reports (e.g. linking to an Appendix item for more detail), so the same functionality in a StoryMap would be ideal.

Status changed to: In Product Plan

I'm really looking forward to this feature.

Classic Story Maps have the story actions functionality to link to sections within the storymap and is really useful.

Status changed to: Implemented

Apologize for not updating this idea earlier, but this ability to link to other parts of a story using a hyperlink has been added to ArcGIS StoryMaps. For more information, see:

For now, adding these links is possibly, but is a bit of a manual process. We do have some ideas to make this workflow easier that we could implement in a future release. For anyone who thinks that might be helpful, it would be good to submit another idea for that so others can vote for it to register their support.