Load all layers when using a WebMap as the Basemap for an Express Map

04-19-2021 09:20 PM
Status: Under Consideration
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by Anonymous User
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Currently you can use an existing WebMap as the basemap for an Express Map. The documentation on the extent to which you can do this is not particularly consistent. Some places say only the layers in the layers in the Basemap group will be drawn. The tooltip in the dialog for selecting a WebMap as a basemap suggest all layers will be drawn, but without popups.

In practice, only the layers in the Basemap group are drawn. I suggest that the functionality implied by the tooltip in the Change basemap dialog be implemented. In other words, when selecting a published WebMap as the basemap for an Express Map, it should be rendered visually as it is in the Map Viewer, but with popups disabled. This would enable users to include reference layers that are in a feature services (e.g. watershed boundary, parcel, zoning areas, etc) that cannot be added to the Basemap group in the WebMap.




@Anonymous User - Thanks for reporting this and sharing your idea.

That is not the correct text for that tooltip, and we will update that in an upcoming release.

While map tours do support showing the map layers outside the basemap group, express maps currently do not. We are considering adding this capability in the future to make it similar to map tour, but at this time we do not have a timeline to share on when it might be available.

Status changed to: Under Consideration