Include subheadings in Navigation bar, Storymap

10-27-2020 05:04 AM
Status: Open
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Include subcategories in the navigation bar based on subheadings.


Hi @EmelieAxelsson -- Thanks for submitting this idea! We have discussed adding subheadings to story navigation, but we're concerned that this would overload the navbar and make the experience more complicated for readers.

Do you have an example of a story where you feel that adding the subheadings would be helpful to your readers? If so, please share that here so we can take a look and evaluate your idea further?


What if we could show subheadings by clicking on the main heading and displaying a drop down? A bit like a menu bar on a website. It could be an optional setting, so you can keep it simple if you need to.

This would be really useful for stories with a lot of narrative and content, especially as you can't make the text size smaller or make the column width wider.


I mean like a drop down meny under the main heading just like Anneka_Fracne explained it.  :thumbs_up:


All the suggestions are really good.

In the simplest form, there could just be a second location for the heading contents or a list of subheadings, this could then be cross referenced on the main heading bar.

As we are specifying Sub-Headings it makes sense to be able to reference this information separately.

Would be so useful:

See my StoryMap for reference: