Include option to showcase a region or the entire state when using the Map Tour

01-28-2021 10:01 AM
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In a recent StoryMap I just made (, in the Project Locations section, I used the Map Tour to show where each of the projects highlighted in the StoryMap were taking place. Some of the projects were happening at a specific location, and so a point on the map was perfect. However, in many cases, projects were happening in multiple locations, a region, or the entire state. In these cases, it was impossible for me to find a way to showcase this on the map, and so as a work-around, I had to include info above the Map Tour saying that points located in the exact center of the map represented projects that were happening in multiple locations or statewide.

Could there be a mechanism built into StoryMaps that would allow the Map Tour to draw a polygon around a county, region, or the entire state, when that is applicable?

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@AmyJewitt -- In map tours, you have the ability to bring in your own web map. This will use the web maps basemap and also bring in any other map layers in the map and show them in your tour.

You can create a layer in ArcGIS with the areas you are looking to represent (for example a map notes layer, or a layer from ArcGIS Pro that you publish as a hosted feature layer), add that layer to a web map, and then bring the map into the tour. You would go to the tour's Map settings, click the basemap in the side panel, then click Browse more maps and pick the map you've created.

Would this work for you?

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Yes, I believe this will work. Thank you!

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