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07-07-2021 01:46 PM
Status: Under Consideration
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Please see the linked story map for examples: https://arcg.is/yv40P0

I have videos, followed by photos in the map tour. However, only the photos can be opened to full screen. So in order to see a video full screen the user needs to skip past the video to a photo, click to zoom and then click the back button to see the video full screen. 

Is there a way to click the video and make it open full screen the way photos open full screen? 

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@HeatherRoy -- This is currently the expected behavior. It is due to a technical limitation in the browser's built-in video player.

We are looking at building our own custom video player, which would remove this limitation, but it's not a project we are prioritizing right now, so we don't have a date for when that might be available.

Status changed to: Under Consideration

@OwenGeo  Thanks for the info and the quick response, much appreciated.