Express maps - change colors of individual features

08-14-2019 09:50 AM
Status: Implemented
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Hi, i am an history student and soon i'll be heading toward a master degree in informatique appliquée à l'histoire at the Sherbrooke University. Few days ago, i discovered express map tool in story map and it's great; no need to bother with shapefiles, projection, attribute etc. The only thing that would be great would be being able to change colors between layers. I'll explain myself with an exemple: Your grand mother want you to create an express map of her garden, so you look at it, take notes and head toward your computer. You start to put dots for onion crops,carrot crops, letuce crops, etc. the problem is that you cannot see the difference between them because they all have the same color, wich goes toward the oposit of the primarly idea behind the creation of a map: you want to pass a clear message using dots, lines, polygons, shapes and colors. The fact is that in express map everything is ther (even arrows?) but you are not able to change a single color. Anyway, even if the tool is already an amazing one, imagine how it would get to the next level if you were able to do somethings with the colors.

I hope my message was clear even if my english is broken ( i am a french speaker from Québec)

Have a nice day/ bonne journée

David Bouchard

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Status changed to: Implemented

Express maps have provided the ability to set each feature to a different color for a while. Sorry for not updating this one earlier.