Duplicate tour or move slides between tours

11-15-2020 03:12 PM
Status: Under Consideration
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It would be great to be able to duplicate a Map Tour within the same Storymap.  

For example, I create a Storymap with 10 navigation sections (headings), representing different Regions.  Within each Region I have a Map Tour which has multiple slides.  I then decide to split one of the Regions and need to move one or more of the slides from the Map Tour, in Region A to the Map Tour in the new Region B.

At the moment, there seems to be no way to copy, or move the slide from one tour to the other. I have to re-create the slide in the new Region.   If i could duplicate the map tour slides, i could copy them to the new Region and then delete the ones no longer required from the old section.

This would also be useful as a means to essentially create a template.

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