Duplicate Story Map

10-03-2017 01:54 AM
Status: Implemented
New Contributor III

we created a story map to present a project in a community. now we need this story map in another community with only some modifications.

but we musst not change the basic story map. therefore it is important to duplicate the the basic story map so that it can be used as a model.

without this function we can't use this story maps anyway, although we got create reactions for this approach!


I believe you can copy a story map using ArcGIS Online Assistant, look at this thread.

Status changed to: Implemented

You can create a copy of a StoryMap you own by choosing duplicate from the ... menu in the header or from its card on your My Projects page. Administrators can also create a copy of any StoryMap in their organization and colleagues who have permission to edit a story via a shared update group can also duplicate it.

Screen Shot 2022-02-02 at 2.51.26 PM.jpg

If you need to create a copy of a StoryMap (or any other ArcGIS item) in a different organization, you can use the new version of the ArcGIS Assistant. For more information, read the user guide: Common Workflows | ArcGIS Assistant User Guide (esri-ps.com).