Can I change Panel Appearance color on my Story Map?

06-24-2021 10:13 AM
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I'd like the background panel color behind my paragraph text to be white. It seems as though the only way to change the panel appearance color is to change the "background" color of the entire Story Map in the theme I made. My client needs the Story Map to have that navy blue background overall with white background for the text. Any way I can get around this?  Seems like it should be a really basic function to be able to choose your own colors for the panels.

panel appearance.PNG

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Hi @BriannaForcier1 -- As you mentioned, sidecar panel color options are currently set via the story's theme.

We've not added the ability to change a panel's color to anything you want to keep the configuration experience simple. A complicating factor is that if you can choose any color for the panel background, you also have to worry about setting other colors like the text color, link color, etc. Then if you change these colors on one slide, would you also want to change them in the same way on all the other slides in your story to match or just on that one slide?

We understand that keeping things simple sometimes sacrifices flexibility, so it'd be great if you could share a little more information so we can consider how we could address your request. Are you often looking to change panels to many different colors, or is it typically only that you want to change to white (or black)? What if there were two additional color options next to the light/dark text with transparent panel options that provided options for light/dark text with a filled (dark/light) background? (See screenshot, below.)

Would something like this work for all/most of your stories, or would you still require the ability to fully customize the individual background, text, link, etc. colors for an individual slide panel?

I moved this post to the ideas board so others can vote and comment if they have a similar need.

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Hi Owen,

Thanks for the response. For my purposes, the panel colors would all be consistently White. I would like to keep the text as a navy color however to match the rest of my theme, so retaining the option to change the color of the text would be necessary for me.