Auto-Lock Feature Pop-ups to Dock

03-02-2022 05:08 PM
Status: Under Consideration
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It would be great if we had the option to auto-dock feature pop-ups in maps (like auto-display legend). In the image below,  I have an image within my pop-up but the viewer needs to scroll the pop-up to see image. When docked, all the pop-up's content is fully visible without the need to engage with the pop-up further.



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I'd like to see this feature available for the new Map Viewer everywhere. None of my users want the floating popup, and they all ask how to move it. The "dock" button is an extra click, and not always intuitive for less tech-savvy folks. If I could just have them default to docked, it would be so nice!


Great idea! super needed

Status changed to: Under Consideration

We don't have a specific date for this on our roadmap, but we are looking to add something like this, in addition to some other pop-up configuration enhancements, in the future. 


Yes! It’s a great idea


@jcarlson -- Sounds like you'd like an option in the map viewer that enables you to set the pop-up display option for a web map, then everywhere that map appears that pop-up display option would be used. That would have to be implemented in ArcGIS Online first, and then ArcGIS apps, like StoryMaps, Dashboards, etc., could honor that new option.

Since this is the ArcGIS StoryMaps ideas board, I'd suggest that you post this idea to ArcGIS Online Ideas - Esri Community