Allow more flexibility in express map annotation colors

06-24-2021 09:43 PM
New Contributor III

In Express Maps when writing a Story Map, I understand that the annotation colours are restricted to the applicable theme built in theme builder. It would be good if we also had options to choose other colours, because different coloured annotations can be more meaningful when expressing an idea. 

Status changed to: Needs Clarification

@LHo - Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. I understand how having additional use of color would be helpful to convey additional detail in an express map. There are a few challenges with color options, similar to the ones mentioned on this thread, so it'd be helpful for us to understand a little more about your needs.

If there were more options for changing color, would you require full control over each annotation box's background and text colors, or would a palette of 6-8 set color combinations work? (Something like the screenshot below.)

Screen Shot 2021-06-26 at 7.51.57 AM.jpg


Hi @OwenGeo - Yes that would be good, having more options in colours. Is it possible to add a hex chooser for the annotation, like what's available in the features?