Allow higlighting/selecting more than just one paragraph at a time

06-02-2021 06:16 AM
Status: Needs Clarification
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When I want to select a whole text from Storymaps and copy+paste it to somewhere else, it only lets me select one paragraph at a time. This makes copy+pasting very time consuming.

My idea is simply to make it possible to highlight/select more than one paragraph of text at a time!


Yes! This is very annoying that we can't do this. I have to do this workflow all the time.

Status changed to: Needs Clarification

@JulieGrindborg -- We are working on updates to the text selection/editing in the story builder, including the ability to select multiple text blocks at a time. This is a big project and we hope to release this work later this year.

However, it sounds like you have a very specific need, so could you clarify your request?

You mentioned you want to copy all the text of a story and paste it somewhere else (presumably outside the story builder). Is that the most important aspect of this request? If so, you can do that today by viewing the published story or using print preview and then using the browser's selection tools. Use Edit > Select All (CMD+A on a Mac) to select all the text in the story, and you can then copy it and paste the text somewhere else.

Let us know if this workaround will work for your situation.



She could possibly be referring to moving sections of text or re-ordering. I know sometimes for me, when going through the review/editing process with authors, they want to move entire sections around. When this happens I have to copy/paste block-by-block to a new area within a story map or a different story map in a collection.


YES! I have this problem all the time and it is incredibly time consuming.

  • When you want to delete a section of text, you have to highlight one paragraph at a time and click delete. You can't highlight multiple paragraphs (blocks) and delete with one click.
  • When you are re-ordering sections containing text, you have to cut and paste one paragraph at a time to the new location - sometimes scrolling lots in between! It would be much better if you could highlight all the text and cut and paste in one go, or if you could highlight and drag and drop to a new location in the StoryMap.

I agree, it would save us a lot of time if we could highlight and delete multiple paragraphs at once!